In the Exchange Section you can exchange Perfectmoney(USD), Bitcoin(BTC), OK Pay(USD), Egopay(USD), BTC-e Code(USD), Litecoin(LTC) and other E-currencies upon your request. The rates are competitive and depending on our reserve, you may find some great rates on some exchange ways.

To perform an exchange order in this section, first you need to select your existing electronic money and enter the amount you have. Then you should select the electronic money that you want to receive. Now you can see the exchange rate in your selected exchange way and you will see the amount that you will receive as well.

Now you need to Enter your receiving E-money account number as well as your email address and press Exchange Preview. In the Exchange Preview section you see a preview of your exchange and instructions about how to proceed. You should transfer your existing E-money in this section and press confirm.

Now your order will be submitted and you will be redirected to your order’s tracking page. Also your order number and link to its tracking page will be sent to your email. One great feature in this section is that you can send a ticket to the support about your order on this page and actually its a unique live chat page dedicated to your order. However we highly recommend you to wait patiently and refresh the page momentary to see your order status. Your order will be done in much less time than what was stated in Exchange Preview section.

If you want to contact us, use your tracking order page first. We reply to this section with higher priority. Or you can contact the live supports on yahoo! or use any other contact way provided in contact section. Also our support may want to contact you which will be on the tracking page of your order. also a notification and a copy of the message will be sent to your email. so you should stay alerted either by checking your email or refreshing the tracking page.

Finally we wish you a smooth and fast exchange and do not forget to leave your feedback and even criticism. We will consider all of them carefully and we will try to improve over time.


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